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2019 Kia Sorento Yakima, WA

2019 Sorento Style

A wide stance and long wheelbase combine together to make the 2019 Kia Sorento the roomiest version yet. All that cabin space means you'll be able to comfortably fit seven people inside your Sorento without a problem. When you aren't using all three rows of seats, fold them down and marvel at how much cargo room you instantly gain. To make loading up your 2019 Sorento more convenient, the Smart Power Liftgate is able to open itself up without you having to put anything down. It even has a height-adjustable hatch in order to adjust for how much or how little room you have above your vehicle.

The 2019 Sorento has been designed with smooth, continuous lines that elegantly flow throughout the body, and give the 2019 Sorento the illusion of motion while it's standing still. The signature tiger-nose grille of the Sorento has been made larger, and the swept-back Projector Beam Headlights give the front of the vehicle a look that can only be from a Sorento. Redesigned front fascia accentuates the bold, fierce, and modern new look of the 2019 Sorento, and is guaranteed to turn heads each time you back out of your driveway.

2019 Sorento Technology

The 2019 Sorento isn't just a pretty face. It's got all the brains and technology that you could ever want in your modern SUV. Take the available Surround View Monitor (SVM) for example. It is capable of providing you with a bird's-eye view of the area surrounding your vehicle. A camera on each side of the vehicle allows for a seamless picture of how close you are to anything alongside or behind you as you backup or drive out of any tight spots. You can even choose to view two of the cameras on your backup screen to give you full view of how much room you have as you back your Sorento into a parking spot.

Also available on the 2019 Sorento is an Advanced Smart Cruise Control system. When you select a safe distance that you feel comfortable keeping between your Sorento and the car in front of you, the Sorento will continually monitor the distance and can change its speed appropriately to maintain the distance you've chosen. When traffic clears up, you'll automatically speed back up to your cruising speed. As you begin to close in on the cars in front of you, the radar system will then kick in and keep you at a safe distance.

2018 Kia Sorento Overlooking City at Night